We’re redefining what it means to rent

Up&Up works together with renters, delivering a smart way to build wealth while renting.

We’re redefining what it means to rentWe’re redefining what it means to rent

Create wealth, while you rent.

Up&Up is the smartest way for renters to build wealth while they rent. By renting an Up&Up home, renters participate in rental profits from day one, and are completely in control of their home. Our renters can make up to $11k over 5 years, simply by renting the same way they normally would. And when their lease is up, they can choose between putting the money towards purchasing the home, transferring their Up&Up Wallet to another home in our network, or simply cashing out.

The Up&Up story

“Friends helping friends...” That's the spirit from which Up&Up was born. Four years ago, my friend came to me to chat about renewing his apartment lease. He was fed up with how much rent he had paid ($2,500/mo over 5 years is $150,000!) and that he wasn't able to benefit from the rise in home prices. He was approved for a mortgage, but still couldn't buy a home because he couldn't afford the down payment.

I offered to help and we partnered to buy his home together. We split the down payment, split the mortgage payments, and he paid me a percentage of what the house would rent for on the share I owned. Because our splits were based on our down payments and rent was defined by the market, we both knew this was a fair deal among friends.

We quickly realized this was a product that could help many Americans who wanted to access the benefits of homeownership to build their wealth sooner. The vision is powerful but simple — let's build a business on the premise of making fair deals, the same type as we did with friends and family, and help as many people achieve their financial goals as possible.

- Michael Wong, CEO

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