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With Up&Up, you’re in the driver’s seat at every step.


Find a home you love

Choose your perfect home from one of our curated and vetted rentals.


Build wealth from day one

Instead of a security deposit, contribute to your Up&Up Wallet and start sharing in your rental's profits and increase in value today.


Act like you own the place

Treat your house like it's your home. The better you take care of it, the more you'll make.


Cash out when you’re ready

At the end of your lease, choose to put your Up&Up Wallet towards buying the home, transferring to another rental, or simply cashing-out.

A new way to rent.

Up&Up gives you the opportunity to build towards homeownership or savings, simply by renting.

Up&Up vs. a traditional rental

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Monthly Rent

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Your minimum initial Up&Up Wallet contribution will be 2x your monthly rent. We do not take a traditional security deposit.

Monthly Contribution

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You can make additional contributions any time. The more you contribute, the more you’ll share in the monthly rental profits.

We recommend a $50 minimum contribution to help your Wallet grow faster!

Years Renting

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Our leases start at 2 years.

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Our leases start at 2 years.


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*This represents an estimate based on historical real estate market returns. Actual returns are subject to market conditions, taking good care of the home as a renter, and other factors.

This couple didn’t have to compromise when working towards homeownership

We’re not your typical landlord

With Up&Up Alana is able to stay flexible while working towards her goal.

How a flexible and rewarding rental is helping a St.Louis family plan ahead

We’re not your typical landlord

Up&Up allows your house to grow as your family does, without costing you extra along the way.

Find the home that’s right for you

We’re not your typical landlord

At Up&Up we help you find the perfect home for your needs.

Why being on the same team matters.

At Up&Up, we’re on a mission to empower renters to build a better financial future.

Whether it's homeownership or building their savings, we want to help our renters achieve their financial goals. In doing so, we know they feel more invested in taking care of their rental home. On our side, it translates to lower costs and a better experience for the community. 


Why is Up&Up better than traditional renting?
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What are my options at the end of my lease?

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