Rent With Benefits

Up&Up lets you build an investment for the future using a portion of your rent payments.

Here’s How it Works

Find a rental you love.
Want to stop wasting your money on rent? Start by finding the home that fits your lifestyle from one of our 10,000+ properties—most of which would otherwise only be available for purchase.
Use your security deposit as an initial investment.
Instead of going straight to your landlord’s pocket, your Up&Up deposit goes into your property, earning you equity from day one. The percentage you earn matches the percent you pay in.
Earn more equity with every rental payment.
Every month, your share of the property’s growth and any additional contributions you make are reinvested in your home, giving you a larger stake and larger potential return, month after month.
Buy, transfer, or cash out.
At any time, you can convert your appreciated ownership stake into a down payment to buy the home you're renting, or another Up&Up home. At the end of your lease you’ll also have the option of cashing out to use your well-earned equity elsewhere.

How would it work for me?

Up&Up doesn’t take a security deposit since you’re investing in the home.
Up&Up requires a minimum investment of 2x rent.
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Estimated value of your ownership stake
0 yr
by end of 1 yr
2 yr
3 yr
4 yr
over 4 years would become
and if you wanted to Invest more each month you would build ownership even faster
$100 / mo
* Estimates based on historical averages. The actual value of your ownership may vary.


What’s the difference between Up&Up and rent-to-own?
Up&Up is a much more consumer-friendly way to give renters an ownership stake in their home. With Up&Up, you get ownership benefits from day one, you’re under no obligation to purchase the home, and if you want to buy, you can do so at any time—at fair market value.
Can I choose any home I like?
While we have pre-vetted our Up&Up homes for financial viability, we’re always looking for more opportunities. If you’ve found your dream home elsewhere, but can’t afford to buy it just yet, let’s talk!
How do I know I’m not overpaying on rent?
While you can elect to pay more each month to make a greater investment in your home, we believe that our renters should only pay fair market value rent. We encourage our renters to look at other comparable properties, and weigh the benefits of renting those properties vs. earning a return with Up&Up.