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Whether you’re a first-time renter or almost ready to buy, you’ll find a home here. These are some of our favorite customer stories.
“We love our
new house…”
Thank you Up&Up! We love our new house — it is really beautiful. We have been wanting to buy a home, but recently had a baby, our little love Victoire, and so that has been our focus. The chance to save and put money toward buying a house even while we're renting means so much to us. I have already been eyeing an amazing home on Shepherd street and really want to get set to buy it with Up&Up in 2 years.

Our current house is amazing, and if I only wanted to have one child, I would stay here for years and buy it. My husband and I want more children though, so Up&Up's flexibility is so helpful. It allows our house to grow as our family does, without costing us extra along the way. I am from Tanzania, and my husband is from the Congo. Up&Up has really helped us find a home here in St. Louis, making sure we are comfortable, cared for and prepared for the next chapters in our family's life.
Niyoyakira R.
St. Louis, MO
“It is absolutely the right home
for my daughter and me.”
I am an educator who lived with my daughter in a house I simply couldn’t take care of anymore. When I had to move because the old house was being foreclosed on, Up&Up found me a new home I immediately fell in love with. It’s a really special bungalow-style property built in 1926, with lots of tremendous features, stained-glass windows, a fireplace, and this cute gingerbread house feel to it. I can’t wait to add a gas log in the fireplace and convert the second floor into a loft space. Up&Up has taken such great care of me—the process was very clear, the online interface was easy to use, and the handyman comes over when I need something fixed. I’ve recommended the company and the process to others because it’s perfect for people in a position like mine. Now, I have this fancy house because of Up&Up, and it is absolutely the right home for my daughter and me. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Holly B.
St. Louis, MO
“This place is our
own little nest, our home.”
Before I found Up&Up, I remember thinking "I need someone to buy a home for me to rent." I knew what I really wanted: a home in friendly Tower Grove, ideally near the park that I could make my own. With Up&Up I was able to pick my dream home - a four bedroom place with a backyard where I'm building a fence of bamboo and a fireplace.

I'm able to stay flexible in case anything changes, but work toward my goal of home ownership - and I didn't have to compromise! My family and I are very happy here, and have had a terrific experience as renters, and, honestly, we feel like more than that. This place is our own little nest, our home. Thank you Up&Up!
Alana G.
St. Louis, MO
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“We get to save and move closer towards ownership while we're still renting.”
Denise M.
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We love Up&Up! Renting with them has been so much easier - everything from the home purchase process to our experience as tenants. We've owned homes before — and working with this team has been infinitely easier. The team has been hyper responsive, if anything goes wrong, they've got our backs. Everyone from the team that we've interacted with has been super nice as well.


We really like our place, and would love to buy it one day. The Up&Up model has given us the chance to try the house on for size, so to speak, before buying - and we couldn't be more pleased! Not to mention, we get to save and move closer towards ownership while we're still renting.

Denise M.
St. Louis, MO
“The team was friendly and hugely caring.”
Matt S.
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We've loved working with Up&Up. They were so helpful and collaborative - we had all kinds of special needs as our family was moving in, and the team went out of their way to make our application process and onboarding super smooth. When other landlords were not giving us the time of day, Up&Up's team made sure that everything was super clear and answered all of our questions really well. The team was friendly and hugely caring.


Not only are we happy and settled in our great new home, their team has helped me think much more about home ownership and feel empowered to take hold of my own financial future.

Matt S.
St. Louis, MO
“My wife and I are so glad that we found Up&Up.”
Landon C.
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My wife and I are so glad that we found Up&Up. The homes we could rent with them were way better than other rentals we were looking at. The homes we found were nicer and more renovated - they felt so much more like home! Most importantly, as we began building our lives in St. Louis, we greatly valued the chance to accumulate savings and be much closer to buying our first home at the end of our two year lease than our friends in traditional rentals. We were getting benefits of home ownership while keeping the flexibility of renting. We may want to move closer to our hometowns, so this is important for us. Our home is wonderful; we love the neighborhood, our backyard and how easy it has been working with Up&Up during the time we've been here.

Landon C.
St. Louis, MO

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